What we value the most about our research group is that we have a diverse range of expertise with individuals from different backgrounds; each of them is contributing with different perspectives to deliver something that is unique.

Meet our highly enthusiastic research group..!

Prof. Katrina Falkner

Dr Thushari Atapattu

Dr Rebecca Vivian

Ms Menasha Thilakaratne

Mr Mahen Herath

Current Students

  • Menasha Thilakaratne (PhD) – Literature-based knowledge discovery using Natural Language Processing techniques (2017-2020)
  • Lavendini Sivaneasharajah (PhD) – User roles in online learning context through linguistic expressions (2018-2021)
  • Abhilash Sridara (MPhil) – Evaluation of essay type answers in MOOCs using NLP techniques (2020 – 2022)
  • Sabby Saha (Masters of Data Science) – Multi-emotion modeling from Reddit data using NLP (2020-2021)
  • Georgia Zhang (Honours in Computer Science) – Emotion-cause modeling from Natural Language text (2021)
  • Dasuni Jayawickrama (Advanced Topics) – Emotion-trigger extraction from unstructured text (2021)

Past staff and students

  • Dasuni Jayawickrama (Research Assistant) – Systematic literature review on emotion-cause extraction from unstructured text (Dec 2020 to Feb 2021)
  • Gathika Ratnayaka (Research Assistant) – Advancing the detection of cyberbullying through role modeling (Feb 2020 to Sep 2020)
  • Georgia Zhang (Advanced Topics in Computer Science) – Automatic identification of roles associated with cyberbullying posts (2020)
  • Dung Anh Hoang (Summer Research student) – Advancing the detection of Cyberbullying in Social Media (2020)
  • Georgia Zhang (Topics in Computer Science), Detection of Cyberbullying aginst minorities (2019)
  • Dasuni Jayawickrama (Summer Research student), Discourse analysis of stack overflow threads (2020)
  • Dung Anh Hoang (Topics in Computer Science) – Automated identification of mental health issues in Social media (2019)
  • Alexa Ng (Topics in Computer Science), Impact of semantic relatedness of course content for video learning, 2018
  • Hamid Tarmazdi (Research Assistant) – Topic visualisation dashboard of MOOC discussions (2016)

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