At LT4SG, we focus on deeply understanding human language and modelling them using leading-edge NLP, machine learning, and deep learning technologies to solve language-related societal problems. We mainly focuses on following research areas:

  • Social NLP (Cyberbullying, mental health issues)
  • Discourse processing
  • Emotion modeling
  • Literature-based discovery (including knowledge acquisition from text)
  • Learning analytics (MOOCs)

Regardless of the discipline, we are passionate about everything in LANGUAGE & MIND.

To collaborate with our research group or join as a student, please contact us.

Recent projects:

  • Automated glossary generation for effective information extraction from COVID-19 related scientific articles (read more)
  • Advancing the detection of cyberbullying using participant roles (read more)
  • Cyberbullying detection against women and migrants (read more)
  • Enhancing the LBD workflow with a view to widespread applicability (read more)


To read more about our projects, please visit the publication page

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